Wedding Planning, Styling & Design : Design Your Home Office for £200 or less

My Dream Home Office Mood Board


I envision my dream home office as a calm and relaxing environment that is well-organised, allowing me to throw all of my ideas onto an inspiration board. My favourite place in the World, that makes me feel relaxed and tranquil, is the beach – this is my inspiration for my colour scheme in my office, using pastel mint greens, blues, and an occasional splash of fresh, floral pinks, so as not to overpower the room. I also think that it is important to be near to a window, so that you don’t feel too cooped up sitting in an office, or to introduce plants and a few vases or pots of flowers into the room, making it feel more fresh and green. The style is relaxed, and laid back with open spaces and a mirror  on the wall to make the room feel bigger (which is important at home when you don’t have a lot of space) with white, minimalist furniture and a large wedding inspired photo canvas on the wall, combining the vibrant greens and blues, tying the room together.




My Colour Palette


My Shopping List

White Vintage Mirror – £29.99 [EBAY]

Mint Green Fabric – £8.50 (to re-upholster my current office chair) [EBAY]

Magazine Wall Rack – £15 [IKEA]

Cork Board – £7.99 (my inspiration pin board) [ARGOS]

Letter Tray – £20

Plant Pot – £2 [IKEA]

Pink Orchid – £4.50 [IKEA]

Potted Ficus Plant – £7 [IKEA]

Photo Frame – £12 (to frame my wedding inspired photograph) [IKEA]

Office Desk – £90 [IKEA]


Total: £196.98



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