About Emily

Hi! I’m Emily – a BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management graduate, event/wedding coordinator, and ‘not-so- newlywed’!


Having completed a Bachelor’s Degree in International Hospitality Management, I found myself intrigued and excited by the Events Industry. Ignited by my engagement in July 2012, I began planning my wedding, and decided to take an online course with NCC Home Learning in Wedding Planning. As my curiosity in the wedding industry grew, and I did more research into the industry for my own wedding, I decided that this was the industry I truly wanted to be a part of. I began working for a wedding company abroad, and embarked on my next online course, with The UK Academy of Wedding & Event Planning – this time, far more detailed and interesting than my previous course.

As I moved through the course in Wedding Planning, Styling & Design, I began to develop my own ideas, whilst completing the coursework, which is when I decided to move further into the social media world, and to get my name, thoughts, and ideas ‘out there’. I had previously started this WordPress blog (and a Twitter page), describing the planning of my own wedding, and I began to incorporate more of my ‘real wedding’ ideas and visions into my blog. Working simultaneously, for an internationally known wedding company, allowed me to develop the skills necessary in working with a successful business, engaging with wedding couples, interacting with suppliers, and understanding a commission-based working environment – highlighting many things that I would do differently and change in my own business in order for the company to run more efficiently. I also completed an online Business course with Skillsology to refresh my memory on the business side of starting my own company.

In 2014, I started up the Emily Annandale Weddings Facebook business page, in order to broaden my scope, and to share my ideas and passion for all things ’wedding’! This page also allowed me to connect to local businesses and suppliers that could potentially be beneficial in the future. I have been fortunate to gain valuable information through various avenues, (including online courses, personal experience, and physically working in the industry) that combined, are of great benefit to my future, and the beginning of my endeavours.

I decided that it was necessary to share my thoughts and insight on all of the tiny details involved in planning and preparing for the most wonderful, exhilarating, stressful, and exciting day of your life!

Creating this blog, in preparation for my own wedding, inspired me to continue sharing my thoughts, knowledge and experience on the planning process that a Bride goes through , as well as ideas and tips (from experience!) for future brides.


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