Wedding Planning, Styling & Design: Choosing Your Caterer

What a Caterer Must Know Before Making a Proposal

ONE   The likes/dislikes and potential allergens of the couple (and their guests)


TWO   What type of meal the couple would like to have on their day (buffet, sit down meal, food stations, hors d’oeuvres etc.)


THREE   The Bride and Groom’s personality. It is important that the couple are paired with a caterer who can match their personality. If you don’t like/get on with someone, it is likely that you won’t hire them.


FOUR   What type of ‘service’ the couple would like.

  • Ice in their water?
  • Women served first, followed by men?
  • When/how would they like the plates to be cleared?
  • How would they like things to be served?


How A Caterer Can WOW Their Clients


  1. Tell a story and make the clients feel hungry with descriptive foods



  1. Mouth-watering photos of the food they can produce, or have produced in the past


  1. Tailor the proposal to the couple by including colours and flavours that will match their theme, scheme and personalities



Trends In Catering

  • Ethnic and cross-cultural


Traditionally, in the Western World, the wedding breakfast would be the main meal and menu of the Wedding day – usually a plated set menu that would be served to the guests. Various types of cuisine have been popularised in parts of the World, which have become very popular at weddings. For example, sushi stations could be set up for guests to help themselves to different types of sushi, and watch the chefs prepare all of the fresh ingredients – it is also a fantastic cocktail food, as it is bit-sized and easy to serve. For a different theme, a selection of Italian antipasti could be served to each table (replacing the usual bread and butter), or even small touches such as olives and breadsticks on the tables, or a mixture of different Greek dips could be served with pitta bread to add a little more excitement to the menu. Or why not have an artisan cheese table, with grapes and delicious homemade biscuits for guests to help themselves to after their meal?


  • Unconventional


With the abundance of different types of cuisine today, couples are far more likely to want a variety of flavours and dishes that surpass the usual and traditional meal. Unconventional and unusual foods may be fitting to their theme (i.e. an Italian menu for a rustic farm wedding or a pig on a spit and BBQ for a beach or backyard wedding). Although these are far more common now, they were much less common when weddings had a traditional and formal sit down meal.



  • Weddings that last several days


Popularised by different cultures (e.g. traditional Indian wedding culture) whereby a wedding would be spread over several days, encompassing various traditions with all the guests during this time. This type of wedding calls for a great amount of catering, to cater for all of your guests over those days. It is also important to have a variety of different themes within your chosen menus, in order to ensure that your guests do not get bored of having the same food each day – spice things up! Today, the traditional wedding is less popular, and with the global spread of many families, it is a great way to celebrate with all of your gathered family and friends over several days (including the day of the actual wedding).



Popular Catering Services


  • Food is set out and guests help themselves
  • Dinnerware, and serviettes are usually situated at the beginning of the buffet (rather than laid out on the tables), whilst glassware and silverware is placed at the end of the buffet table area (preventing guests from holding too many things at once whilst serving themselves at the buffet



  • Waiters bring dishes and courses to each guest, served on a plate
  • The table will be set with all the silverware and glassware required for your meal, usually with a charger plate, as waiters will serve each dish individually



  • Food is served by waiters on trays in delectable mouth-sized bites
  • There may be limited seating, and tall cocktail tables are situated around the cocktail area for a more social and relaxed feel


Primary Considerations When Choosing Your Caterers

  • Is their food fresh and where do their ingredients come from? Be sure to pay attention when listening to caterers as they describe their dishes and ingredients, in order to distinguish the quality of the produce used.


  • Are they willing to stretch themselves beyond the standard limit of food menus? Are they willing to create something personal and customised?



  • Are the waiters attentive and knowledgeable about the dishes?


  • The Cost. What is included in the ‘package’ and what is additional? Remember that staff and equipment rentals are often forgotten, and will be an additional cost


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