Groom Attire: Formal, Informal & Quirky!

I definitely lean more toward informal Groom attire (and informal weddings in general), but I do love the black or navy tuxedo (and bow tie of course!) look for a formal wedding – cravats, silk waistcoats and top hats feel far too common and ‘old-fashioned’ to me, and there are so many interesting choices for Groom attire these days.

Here are some formal and ‘less’ formal ideas for the Groom’s wedding attire, as well as a few fun accessories to play up the look with!





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[I had to include the silk cravats and waistcoats really, as it is still a popular choice among couples]

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TIP: Want to wear something formal but worried it might be boring and ‘common’? Try out a brighter coloured suit and match it in with your theme.  Green? Burgundy? Royal Blue?


R_5051956336274_00_20130808 R_190782295_01_20140319 I_192821671_00_20140217 433-86057480-PKXLW267E06_COBALT_M


TIP: Try pairing a plain suit with a coloured or fun, patterned tie/bow tie/cravat, pocket handkerchief to add a little bit more detail without detracting the attention from the overall look.


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104-74028162-D24896B_BRTBLUE_M 442-2000084-3447814001Q9268_IVORYBLUE_M


418-1000131-UF1710497_BLUE_M 115-86057480-AKXX765BS732N_NAVY_M 10615389_3034909_400 10668494_3326854_400 ascot-silk-paisley-handkerchief-780584-1531560_medium



R_5051956378649_51_20140127 MR222A00D-B11@2 MEVLT5850002BEI_1_large METQCI830002KHA_1_large MERATS810002CRE_1_large MER1CI840002BLU_1_large MEH7T5850002BLU_1_large MEH7CI840004BLU_1_large MEF7CI850002BLU_1_large ME1OTS810002GRY_1_large  411975_mrp_in_l   386104_mrp_in_xl

368841_mrp_in_l 386108_mrp_in_xl 386103_mrp_in_xl

TIP: Make the Groom stand out from his groomsmen! Try adding a suit jacket if the others are wearing waistcoats (or just dress shirts); wear a tie, whilst the other men have bow ties; wear a waistcoat if the groomsmen are just wearing dress shirts. There are endless possibilities, but it is a nice idea to let the Groom stand out just a little bit by wearing something slightly different.



TIP: Using your wedding colour scheme, play around with different patterns and slightly different shades of the same colour (or your colour palette) and have each of the groomsmen wear a different bow tie or waistcoat.

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TIP: For a semi-formal look – without having to wear a full suit – pair a smart, tailored, dress shirt with a pair of chinos or suit trousers. Add a waistcoat to dress the look up!



TIP: Beach wedding? Try out a pair of khaki chinos (or linen trousers) and a crisp white shirt – smarten it up with a waistcoat, or dress it down by kicking off your shoes in the sand!


[ Any excuse to squeeze Jake Owen into my blog!]


TIP: Something a little more fun and quirky? Pair a smart shirt and suit trousers with a fun bow tie and a pair of braces!



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