10 Fun Bridesmaid Gifts

il_570xN.577988398_dz3q1. NO UGLY CRYING HANDKERCHIEF – a partially polite way of asking your bridesmaid’s not to cry?

il_570xN.518581281_9jxk2. TEAM BRIDE – Add a fun touch to your bridesmaids’ heels with some ‘Team Bride’ stickers!



il_570xN.469218832_45tc3. BRIDE’S LITTLE HELPER A little something to help your girls get through the big day – these can be personalised with their names too!

il_570xN.528659173_8v5h4. PERSONALISED WINE BOTTLE LABELS – who doesn’t love a glass of wine? Grab your favourite vino from the shops and add on a personal sticker to show how much you care!

www.pinterest.com5. PAINTED WINE GLASSES– When you don’t feel like drinking straight from the bottle….get your BM’s a personalised glass with their dress colours!


63ed68c4516ecde4016782907d0cd3426. HEELS ABOVE -A helpful little gadget to pop on your heels and stop your Bridesmaid’s from wobbling their way down the grassy farm yard aisle – great for outdoor weddings!


2ef81a485e1a4ac5e282531ac02c69a67. MY FRIEND GOT A HUSBAND AND I GOT A T-SHIRT A fun, light-hearted t-shirt for your BM’s!


il_570xN.484991365_shpk68. ‘I SAID YES’ LIPBALM A fun little something to give to your besties when you ask them to stand by your side! This would also be great as a lipstick for your Bridesmaids to wear on your big day.



bridessentials9. THE BRIDESSENTIALS KIT The perfect emergency kit for every BM, ready to save the day at the Bride’s time of need! TIP: Choose exactly what you think your BM’s would love/need on your wedding day and make your own DIY emergency kits.



il_570xN.516186962_d2xa10. ‘YOU’RE MY PERSON’ CHARM – Specifically for the Grey’s Anatomy fans out there – a cute little charm to remind your BM’s how much they mean to you.



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