Get The Look: Page Boys & Ring Bearers

Braces, bow ties and chinos -this is such a popular look for this season, and perfect for a casual summer wedding! Not only is this an adorable outfit for page boys and ring bearers, but it is also smart, and entirely age appropriate.

A little bit of inspiration…

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[Please click on the images to go to the website]

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There are a limited collection of ‘suit sets’ available to buy – if you can’t find what you are looking for, why not put the outfit together yourself and match the bow tie and/or braces to your colour scheme.

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Or smarten up the look with a waistcoat or suit jacket…

s7-1055840_lifestyle boys-shirt-and-waistcoat-set--18mths-13yrs- boys-shirt-and-pinstripe-waistcoat-set-3mths-5yrs-



{Here’s an idea: for a farm or rustic wedding, why not try pairing a checkered shirt with chinos, braces and a plain bow tie, or add a checkered tie – for a beach wedding, dress down the look with sandals and shorts}






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