Designing Your Own Wedding Dress – Yay or Nay?

When I decided to start looking for my perfect wedding dress, I must have scrolled through millions upon millions of websites and photos to get ideas for exactly what I wanted. I had so many ideas, and dresses I loved but I was faced with a bit of a dilemma – living overseas and unable to easily try on dresses, (continuous appointments to have the dress altered, fittings etc.) I decided to have my dress custom made by a seamstress and designer on Etsy.

In fact, I didn’t even try on a single wedding dress before I ordered my own dress ( although later on, shortly before my wedding, my maid’s of honour took me for a fun day of trying on wedding dresses, just so I was able to have that experience! FYI – I do not advise trying on dresses after you find ‘the one’, as you’re likely to find another ‘one’, or two or three. Luckily, getting married in a warm climate gave me little choice on the type of dress I could wear –  without fainting mid ceremony – so I didn’t let myself be tempted by other dresses).

So often Brides talk about ‘the one’ – the perfect wedding dress that you fall in love with immediately, the second you put it on, and you feel like a princess and you just know. I didn’t really have the whole crazy wedding dress shopping extravaganza, so I never felt this  – and to be honest, I think it is very difficult to find the perfect dress, as there are just so many different styles that may all look beautiful on you, and then you have to decide on ONE (or you can justify buying two by wearing the other one to the reception!).

I did love my wedding dress, but like so many other Brides-to-be, I did have my doubts every now and again and kept finding other dresses I loved (probably because I hadn’t exhausted myself dress shopping, and it didn’t really help that, aside from having numerous fittings, my dress was still a bit too big for me on my wedding day)- but I kept telling myself it was just too late and pried myself away from wedding websites, magazines, apps – you name it.

However, what I did and do LOVE about my wedding dress is that it is entirely unique and is mine – no one else will ever have another like it (until they read my post and copy my designs!) and I love knowing that I designed my very own wedding dress, and it was completely me, my style and my personality.

My dress was made by Fay from PandaandShamrock (on Etsy) and I then bought a beautiful, beaded belt from Yve Young (Yves Bella Brides).


[Final design of my wedding dress by Fay – PandaandShamrock – on Etsy]

……and the final outcome





[Photography by Charalambos Iacovou – Fotokinisi and Bouquet by Jayne Pugh- Flowers By Design]

Bespoke Wedding Dresses

Nowadays, it is far more common to have bespoke bridal gowns made – something personal to you, and designed exactly how you want it. Tulle & Chantilly is a great website, that has some beautiful bridal gowns, and they have shared stories about their customers – it’s really intriguing to read the process, starting with the Bride’s visions of her dress, and seeing the final outcome. They also design bespoke bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses etc. Many bridal shops today will also offer a bespoke service.

Another fun website is –Design Studio, by Dornink – where you can design your wedding gown in a virtual design studio online!


I definitely suggest that if you do decide to have your wedding gown designed and handmade just for you, that you first go and try on wedding gowns so that you know the style that you like (and more importantly, the style that suits you – you would be surprised at how often a Bride’s final dress ends up being something entirely different to the style she initially went looking for. Again, this is something that I never did and wish I had!)


Find the perfect dress for your body type – HERE!

The DO’S & DONT’S of choosing your perfect wedding dress – HERE!


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