Would YOU Trash The Dress?

I am VERY excited, as I have just booked for my husband and I to do a (very belated) Trash The Dress photo shoot! Since our wedding, in July last year, I have seen so many beautiful ‘Trash the Dress’ photos emerging, and I feel that I am still clinging on to our Wedding day and wishing we could do it all over again!

There are so many endless possibilities of dresses, hairstyles, themes, colours, and styles to tie into one wedding, and I love so many different wedding styles that it would just be impossible to have it all ….so why not satisfy my wedding day fantasies with a fun photo shoot with a bit of a different style to our wedding day (new dress, different hairstyle, new accessories? – yes please!!) and a fun end to our chapter living in Cyprus!

Now, when you hear Trash the Dress I’m sure you are thinking ‘destroying’ the dress (mud, paint, scissors coming to mind?), but I don’t quite have the heart to do that to my dress! The increasingly popular trend involves parading around on the beach, rolling in the sand, and swimming in the sea wearing your dress, and your husband -his suit. This style of ‘Trash the Dress’ is far less destructive (less likely to destroy the dress – maybe) and produces some truly stunning photographs, and fun memories.

Many Brides wait until the day or week after to have their Trash the Dress photo shoot, and we would have loved to have done the same, however the wedding week of madness and chaos (and fun!) got in the way and it can just be such a busy and, somewhat, stressful time. Having this photo shoot several months after is actually quite a nice way to leave something to look forward to (of course this isn’t always ideal when you are getting married abroad and not necessarily planning to go back). In the lead up to your wedding, with your every waking hour and second focused on Wedding paraphernalia, you may find you don’t quite no what to do with yourself once the wedding is over…and once the initial ‘honeymoon period’ has worn off, doing something together, with your husband, like this is an ideal way to reminisce over your wedding and do something different and fun!

So…our wonderful wedding photographer Pambis (Charalambous Iacovou – Fotokinisi) in Paphos (Cyprus), got in touch with me after I had my ‘TTD epiphany’ and offered to do our photo shoot, and take us to Petra Tou Romiou, or Aphrodite’s Rock as it is known (near to where we got married).Β  Aphrodite’s Rock is supposedly the birth place of the goddess, Aphrodite, and (again, supposedly) if you swim around the rock you will be blessed with eternal beauty….so I think I’ll be trying that out!

And so…..the ultimate question is – Would YOU trash the dress?

Some Beautiful TTD Photographs

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Something a little more crazy….

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