Wedding Planning, Styling & Design : Wedding Linens & Centrepieces

Your Beach Wedding : DECOR


Colour Scheme: Hemlock, Placid Blue, Paloma, Emerald Green with touches of Shell Pink and Blush

[ We have created a combination of the initial colour palettes – with merely touches of blush and cayenne, so as not to overpower the entire appearance of the event]

Reception Table Design Details:
Table Size(incl. Guests per table):
• 8’ x 30” long rectangular table
• 8-10 seats (guests) per table
Image Examples:

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Reception Table Rentals and Linen Design:

Charger Plates : Gold Colour

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Chair Jacket Fabric: White Chiffon Chair Draping
Chair Jacket Fabric (Bride and Groom): Blush Champagne Chiffon with flowers
f215a95ff86f3daaa3aeafaa7a501750 d0851731b2debf7cf80d72b902920c06 ae6eee9990875e844b86f141f5403c30 dbfc0f87ebb8b66548bf1cc21b9adafd 93fe228387267ece797796f647f744d2 31d78a157a1c8d1fe6d8d37aca9b0d69

Table Linen: Textured Ivory Contour Linen (90” x 156”)

ba2766eb4035b7f54e97af193614b302 bda925a65370d7d490772cb7131fe550

Top Table Linen: Blush Textured Rose Linen


Cake Table Linen: Ivory Ruffled Table Cloth

Cocktail Table Linen: Blush Silk with Lace Tie

Entrance Table Linen: Blush Petal Taffeta Linen

58b830cfe99f9e1fa632cea4715a5e9f 5336fbbc84608fb4d9ac80d605b34617

Napkins: Blush Lamour Napkins (menu napkin setting)
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Cutlery: Gold Colour
Gold Rimmed Stemware: Wine Glasses

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Gold Chivari Chairs: all reception table seating
Chair Pad Covers: Ivory
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[ A simple and delicate decor has been chosen for the reception tables, to create a greater emphasis on the textured linen table of the Bride & Groom – the focal point of the venue. The floral centrepieces will be the focus of the tables, and will exude a lot of texture and colour – as well as the gold accents (charger pltes, cutlery, chivari chairs), adding complexity to the design of the tables, as well as the detail added in the white chiffon chair drapery. The Cake table and textured linen will be an added focal point to the reception area, with it’s own surrounding space to stand out in the venue – as well as the entrance table which will be placed a further distance from the reception tables and will be the initial entrance focal point, before entering the reception venue.]

Venue Fabric Design:

Venue Ceiling Drapery: Blush Chiffon Draping from Marquee ceiling

48dcddee448797c79f82507ce3939301 2f534ce382954c7e855467f7f3480468
Ceremony Altar Drapery: White chiffon drapery archway with floral halo

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Ceremony Seating: Gold Chivari chairs, with white chiffon fabric ties attached to the chairs lining the aisle, and colourful florals against the crisp white chiffon.

02933ac67a77b05bf633a06ac1102c33 398b78acdc92e1653852b8f4ae5407b0 7d7b277841e5d622967b4adc7c2eb812 04de75d4cb6081c381000ed790c23fe0

Cake Table Decor:
Elegant, coloured cake (pinks, blues, greens will contrast well against the ivory table linen)placed on a large gold charger, with fresh florals on top or various flowers spread asymmetrically across the tiers. Placid Blue and hemlock green ‘sea glass’ coloured bottles (some with flowers, others empty and of varying heights and sizes) and added succulents.

739c3457d39c5d56bbf602361179176f 937354b59619a8e72d7a7ed822f0b9a0 ce8ac109b8d62b7af1a40baaece3d821

Cocktail Table:
Small floral centrepiece (so as not to detract too much from the table linen) in whites, blues, succulent mint greens, blush pinks and added foliage; low candles surrounding the centrepiece in an asymmetrical manner.

b278be452186224e65244f58da5c538f bbe64c30115a149a675155135acddb75 a2b760f66e886455f7d33fb2e644e044

Reception Table:
Floral table runner illusion (not as full and consistent as a floral table runner), dispersed with low candles, twisted driftwood intertwined with flowers, and highlighted with uplighting from the center of the table; some floral displays placed upon rustic, round wooden blocks of varying heights to break up the consistency and height – a lot of greenery and foliage to add volume, and create a fresh and natural feel.

f215a95ff86f3daaa3aeafaa7a501750 b23647134101c38474c4e2b9047710e1 c445a6f2bccbb25c28fa8690def75e68 997cbe0e02055d9e6dea1f5de0acfdae a73e1c3a3fc3b5d79090ae3d31b9a76f 56bf6a79a3fb6a2ef8ebdc343bd0843d 10c946621d8539105144076e5eb1c389 9c60865c9bacfb0b1b0182c4bd858e91 5a1cff897c2e5b6fcda988041dd02c66 3c41f435c6618cda16dae0d9f7595650 6f2075a3f6dc76260f76e1862be35a02 4dcc6c4a0816c53b1fbdba702e7a7cb0 0bd04404d1e498556ce04250c028e426

Top Table:
Fresh floral table runner, flowing over ends of the table, keeping in flow with the rose textured table linen, and pin-spotting along the centre of the table runner.
7be841f88dcab369dc123cbfc31bce0d 78b34c72c3ab7a21c60a78c1d0d16203 391e8c095c8013261841c39bbd5f53c2 3796a1980257ce94cedfa3bcd4fa3e53 fb7b7b3992f45a24f58f559634bdf84c

Entrance Table:
Long, twisted driftwood, nautical rope, glass float, white ocean coral of varying sizes, large vintage mirror, florals in whites, blush, blues(hydrangeas), greens (succulents and foliage) in bottles and vases with small gold glass bottles and tea candle holders to create a rustic, yet elegant ocean- theme entrance display with lots of clear, blue and green glass vessels, vases and candle holders tied in with florals.

93e043867b63041a4c2b9bc8729f05ac f46fc11446ad931f402168a364fa0ec8 dcd0c4106a66a60acf3cb37b708aaf8a ff8c7402a1f54b36ff9f7280b75839cd c7f3307b55f7fe72bf9b7f2221ac15e5 6738302c215ddcd0130986ab0e2b8f97 612ef0f6bdc45b2626fc10e230c1c718 5e984bbc10312879bdba279e5c0c7477 2f0f47b2e287b53a5023f3845e49c0c3 01f2dfbcb200a8b5fdef7c6059b51759

[All Images from Pinterest]


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