Colour Of The Year: Radiant Orchid ( Pantone 2014)


This beautiful radiant orchid hue is the perfect, romantic colour for 2014! From blueberry, to fuschia, to slate grey – a range of vibrant shades mixed together create the perfect backdrop for a spring/summer wedding.

Take a look at my Pinterest board for more Radiant Orchid inspiration!



A Radiant Orchid Wedding Case Study:




Utilizing the floral beauty and radiance of ‘radiant orchid’ we shall incorporate soft floral accents into the style and décor. A delicate watercolour floral in shades of blueberry, blush, plum, aubergine, slate, cream, sand, and hints of gold, is subtly angled across the lower corner of the crisp, clean white linen card, and slightly revealed in the opposite upper corner. The snow white pocketfold envelope opens to divulge an elusive, lilac-orchid, handmade, natural, paper lining speckled with gold along the edge of the lining. Before you open the invitation, a  beautiful contrast to the pearlescent white pocketfold is met with a wide, plum, detailed paper-lace band, beneath a thinner lavender lace fabric wrapped around the pocketfold. A few small sprigs of dried lavender create a delicate focal point in the middle of the envelope where the lavender fabric lace ties together, and a calming lavender aroma fills the air.




The floral accents, and burst of colour, introduced to your guests in their invitation, will be the inspiration for the décor. Florals partner perfectly with a beach setting and wedding venue, and the bright shades of radiant orchid against the rustic, beige sand and the mesmerizing blue ocean create a calm, romantic, tropical and exciting atmosphere. The basis for the décor will revolve around the natural, rustic feel of the sand, the beach and the lavender flower – which has inspired the colours and emphasizes the natural beauty we want to portray through the venue and reception décor. The ceremony itself takes place on the sandy beach, with the beautiful tall altar as the focal point. Natural drift wood creates the asymmetrical altar, with silk and chiffon plum, orchid and lavender fabric draping down, with a halo of plum, orchid, mauve, lavender, lilac, blush, and blueberry flowers. The elegantly draped silk and chiffon is tied back on each of the four columns, by a flurry of the same flowers. Pedestals, with gold vases of hydrangeas are sequentially spaced, lining the aisle, which is covered in a sea of orchid and lavender petals along the sand.


Round and square tables mingle in the reception area, draped in a ruche-textured cream fabric, with asymmetrical layers and levels of wooden tree trunks beneath small glass gold candle jars; clear candle jars; rustic small green bottle vases with single plum roses, single cream roses, and long earthy sprigs of lavender; larger floral table arrangements with the same mixture of blueberry, plum, orchid, mauve and lavender – with bursts of jade and bottle-green. Thin, bright gold wooden chairs hug the table, with soft lilac, chiffon fabric draping down the back of the chair, meeting at the base of the seat. The Bride and Grooms’ chairs have a pillow of beautiful plum, orchid and blueberry flowers draped across the back of each of their chairs. The tables are set with gold rimmed, white plates, gold cutlery, crystal champagne flutes and gold wine goblets, as the guests dine beneath a large tent-like awning of lilac and lavender draped fabric.


Lighting and Special Effects


The candles on the tables and small twinkling lights across the inside of the tented roof, continue to create a romantic, calming feeling, as you head over to the dance floor placed on the sea front, under it’s own individual tent-like feature, that reminds you of a lively carousel at a children’s carnival, with different shades of purple fabric draping down from the centre of the tent, creating a thin roof above the dance floor, and a beautifully, detailed laser cut design projected onto the sandy floor, reminding you of a watercolour painting, creating the dance floor. Small gold lanterns are spread across the sandy beach area, between you and the waves of the sea, lighting up the beach, under the starry night sky.




A local beach band will be set up at the edge of the reception area, in sandy, beige coloured informal clothing, with the beach as their stage, surrounded by rustic tree trunks, layered with flowers, vases and candles. They will play calm, and relaxing tunes during the evening dinner, before moving onto something more up beat, getting up and dancing, and getting the guests involved with some cultural, local music and local dancers – and then moving on to some more modern, well – known tunes, once the guests get up and dancing.



Food & Beverage


Before the ceremony, guests are served lilac, blush and blueberry coloured cocktails upon bright gold coloured trays, with sprigs of dried lavender adding some detail. A selection of beetroot goat’s cheese bruschetta, beetroot and feta houmous, and smoked venison bites with redcurrant jelly will be served, to get the guests into the theme and style of the wedding and further exude this beautiful burst of colour into the food and drink.  During the dinner, guests will start with the choice of a roasted fig, crispy parma ham and Roquefort cheese, on a bed of bright green rocket, or a seafood salad of octopus, new potatoes, kale and edamame beans –  preceded by a table selection of onyx-plum olives and beetroot crisps. The entrée will be a choice between squid ink bavette, with mauve clams, aubergine and courgette, or grilled rock lobster with fresh avocado salad on a bed of crisp lettuce. For dessert, the guests will be served a beautiful ‘Trio of Lavender’, consisting of three small scoops of dragonfruit, lavender, and blackberry sorbet, blueberry and lavender cheesecake – topped with a sprig of lavender and a blueberry, and a trio of tiny, delicate lavender, blackcurrant and blueberry macarons with a brush of gold, and a refreshing shot of ‘Frozen Kir-Royale’, made from frozen prosecco and crème de cassis, with blackberry, raspberry and a dash of mint.




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