The Hair & The Make Up

Bridal &  Bridesmaid Hairstyles

The Bride’s hair and make up ties the entire bridal look together. Each and every Bride has their own specific style of hair and make up that they feel suits them, or is the particular look they are going for on their wedding day – this is a very personal choice for the Bride.

Traditionally, the Bride wears a veil and has an elegant up-do. However, today not every Bride chooses to wear a wedding veil and there is such a huge choice of styles….the list is endless (especially if you take to Pinterest in search of ideas!).

I took the non-traditional Bride route – I have opted for fresh white spray roses and gypsophilia in my hair, rather than a wedding veil ( it is a coastal wedding, so the veil wouldn’t suit our setting). I had seen a hairstyle long before I was engaged that I absolutely loved, and that seems to have become a popular look for this year’s Bridal style – the waterfall braid. It is a  simple way of being able to wear your hair down, with some added interest tied in with the braid that can either slope down or go all the way round the crown of your head. I will be having the white spray roses and gypsophila entwined into the braid and a slight curl.

beatiful waterfall braided hair

Waterfall braid bridal hair

love this with flowers

side up down

Different ways to have your hair half up

Hair and Make-up by Steph: Sleeping Beauty Sneak Peek

Waterfall Braid

My bridesmaids will be wearing their hair in their own, individual styles. While they have yet to decide on their final styles, here are some of their ideas, and lovely bridesmaid (or bridal) hairstyles.

messy updo, braided wrapped

Bridesmaids hair. Fishtail braid!



low bun #hair #bun #elegant #chignon #lookalike #dressy #lace

curly ponytail

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle TUTORIAL

Bun braided do

Easy Styles for Long Hair

Loose #Braided Updo

The Make Up

The best bridal make up is natural, soft and highlights your features. Less is more when it comes to bridal beauty, and a palette of soft gold, beige, and brown hues will create a lovely, bronzed look on your big day.

TIP: Visit a beautician a few days before your wedding and have semi-permanent eyelashes applied. They are individually glued onto your natural lashes (you can choose from various lengths and curls) and will really make your eyes pop! Best of all, you won’t even need to wear mascara or worry about your eye make up running if you tear up on your wedding day!

If you have never had semi-permanent eyelashes before, I would suggest having them applied several months before (at least 2-3 months) to make sure you like the look of them on you, then you can have them reapplied or filled in a few days before your wedding. The semi permanent lashes will last usually around 2-3 months as they fall out naturally with your natural eyelashes. Please remember to get a test patch done 24 hours before you have them applied.

Have a look at some of my favourite bridal make up looks:

Love this. Subtle enough for summer, but fun with the touch of teal! My makeup for mom's wedding?

gold/bronze eye makeup

pretty bridal make up

bronze eye shadow + pearly pink lips

A gorgeous glow! Bridal make-up




Highlighting & Contouring:

shows where to put your bronzer and highlights.



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