The Ceremony & Reception Decor


This was one of my favourite parts that I organised for our wedding. I came up with loads of great, unique ideas to include in our big day on Pinterest. Although it was a lot of hard work finding the right decorations and putting everything together, I definitely feel it will be worth it when I see it all set up on the day.



The Ceremony

Apart from the pedestals and buckets of flowers lining the aisle (as mentioned in ‘The Flowers’ post), we will have a few other pieces to pull everything together. I bought cream coloured lanterns and filled them with shells ( bought from a shop), two silk red gloriosa flower heads (the national flower of Zimbabwe- my fiance’s home country) and a single white candle in the middle. I will use these to line the aisle, and then have them moved to be the centre pieces for the tables at the reception.



Hanging in the background of our ceremony venue, will be white paper lanterns in the trees and a variety of white, turquoise and light blue hanging lanterns of different sizes at the reception dinner venue above the tables, similar to the photos below. We will also have floor candle paper bags scattered around the dance floor, reception and garden area.

The chair ties for both the reception and ceremony venues are turquoise ‘kanga’ – a material from Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar worn by the local people. The particular kanga we have chosen to use as our wedding chair ties (and that I spent hours sewing into chair ties!) is a typical Zanzibar wedding kanga. I also created ‘MR’ and ‘MRS’ chair ties using the same material, and a white organza fabric. So as not to overpower the venue, we will alternate the chairs with white organza chair ties, and the turquoise kanga ones.


Tying in the blue beach theme of our wedding, we will end the ceremony with beautiful light blue dried hydrangea confetti ( The Real Flower Confetti Company) in hand made confetti holders that I made using white paper doilies.


Due to the extreme heat of Cyprus in July we also decided to provide white silk and wooden hand fans that come packaged in elegant boxes, and we have added a personalised label onto each of them. We  also bought seven white silk parasols that can be used by some of the guests if the heat gets to be too much for them ( and one light blue parasol, so that myself and my bridesmaids can use them for our group photographs afterwards). Both of these were bought from Ali Express.

The Reception

Moving on to the wedding reception, I created a table/seating plan using a mirror and a white chalk marker – an elegant, beautiful and easy way to present your table plan to your guests. The best part ( which came in very handy for us!) was so easily being able to rub out and rewrite guest names when there were last minute cancellations and additions! Each table will have a silver (spray painted) 3D number on it, so that guests will easily be able to find their table, and locate their name using a wedding favor/name place.


In Cyprus, it is traditional to present sweets to your guests as a gift. We wanted to embrace Cypriot tradition, whilst giving it our own twist. Our wedding favors are made from small glass jars with cork tops (and I have loads of extras that I plan to use as spice jars!), a white ribbon label, white mint heart sweets and an individual love heart sweet. It is difficult to cater for everyone when you are trying to choose a wedding favor that everyone will enjoy, so we felt that mints would be the best idea, with a cute added touch of an individual love heart with a sweet little message on it, different for each person.



My colour scheme to tie the day altogether:



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