The Photographer

I am lucky enough to have a brother who is a photographer, so we are certain that we will have endless amounts of photos of our entire day. However, we decided to also employ a professional photographer for a few hours – during the ceremony and photos afterwards – to take the pressure off and allow everyone to enjoy the day. My brother will also be taking a video during the ceremony, to send to those close to us who are unable to attend our wedding.

Photographers and videographers can be a very expensive part of your big day, but also such an important part, to capture all the memories that you will keep forever. I, personally, don’t feel a videographer is necessary for our entire day, as it is just an added and unnecessary cost (all those most important to you are hopefully already attending the wedding and will be there to witness it all themselves) – although it is a nice keepsake.

We had a choice of several photographers in Cyprus – I must admit, I didn’t look around too much or compare prices before choosing our photographer, it was simply based on  the quality of their photographs, and the fact that he was recommended to us by our wedding coordinator.

If you happen to be getting married in Cyprus (more specifically, Paphos) take a look at Fotokinisi ( or find him on facebook: – his Yacht Wedding album, in particular, is beautiful. The photographer, Charalambos Iacovou, has been very welcoming and we are extremely confident that he will take lovely photos of our big day!



Fotokinisi Album Slideshow – Lucinda & Leon




Boudoir Photography is also very special, and a wonderful idea as a surprise gift for your fiance on your wedding day. Below are some images from Pinterest to give you some ideas – please click on the images to take you to the website.





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