The Flowers

Update: After our last meeting with Jayne Pugh (Flowers By Design) we decided that the bouquets for the 7 bridesmaids was going to go over our budget. We have since decided to MAKE our own bouquets. Yes, we are going to D.I.Y the bridesmaids’ bouquets as well. I found a garden centre here and I have ordered 7 bouquets of crisp white carnations (my only hope now is that they have actually been organised!). I ‘googled’ and ‘youtube’d’ how to create your own bouquets and what you need to put them together. I don’t love carnations ( I feel like they are better suited as funeral flowers) however, they are surprisingly cheap, and have a lot of volume which will help in creating a very full looking bouquet.

I then ordered various bouquet equipment from Amazon, with the hope that it is all going to be the right stuff! Aside from the fact that the parcel is yet to arrive in Cyprus (and the wedding is in 15 days), I am confident that we will be able to make beautiful and, hopefully, well -lasting bouquets for the bridesmaids. Luckily one of my family members has some background in floral arrangement, which is certainly going to come in handy on the day!

Here is a list of what I have determined is necessary to create your own bouquets ( and what I have ordered for mine):

Double Sided Satin Ribbon 10mm 25 Yards - White White Satin Ribbon

FloristryWarehouse Pearl Headed 4Cm Florists Pins X 144 White Pearl Headed Floristry Pins

The Complete Guide to Flower Arranging The Complete Guide to Flower Arranging by Jane Packer ( thought this might come in handy!)

Cut Flower Liquid Feed/Food - 250ml Cut Flower Liquid Food

FloristryWarehouse Florist Ribbon White 2" Florist White Ribbon (a different width to the other one)

22 Gauge Thin Green Floristry Cut Wire 14" Lengths 250g Pack 22 Gauge thin floristry cut wire

Delicate Elasticated Lace Ribbon 2" x 5m R428 (WHITE) Elasticated Lace Ribbon

White Stem Tape 90 feet x 13mm. Stem - Tex. For Corsages, Bouquets, Flowers, Arrangements and Crafts, Sugar Craft etc White Stem Tape

How I am making my bouquets:

1. Remove any leaves attached to the stems

2. Cut stems to desired length using a sharp knife or florist clippers/scissors

3. Sit stems in the ‘Cut Flower Liquid Food’ and water

4. Individually wrap stems with the ’22 gauge wire’

5. Build the bouquet by adding stems individually

6. Using the ‘florist tape’, wrap the tape around the stems (starting from the top – near the heads of the stems – downwards, leaving several inches of stem at the bottom)

7. Wrap the 2″ white florist ribbon around the stems (leaving several inches of stem at the bottom – so the bouquet can sit in a vase of water) and secure with a couple of pearl pins or glue

8. Wrap the elastic lace ribbon over the middle section of the white ribbon, to create layer and texture, and secure from top to bottom with pearl pins.

9. Finally, (I am undecided if I am going to use this step yet) add the 1″ ribbon underneath the top of the bouquet to create draping ribbon, and place in a vase of water until needed.

And this is what I am hoping my bouquets will turn out to look like:

white carnations

The biggest advantage of using Carnations is that they last long. They lasted more than a week just being in a vase with water (no flower food). (corset-type wrapping)

Carnation bouquet with Tiffany Blue Ribbon

Draping ribbon….

bouquet with romantic ribbon.

I  feel that flowers really make a wedding ! Whether it be bridal or bridesmaid bouquets, church flowers, or reception decorations; they create a very romantic and elegant feel to your day, making it extra special.

I would have flowers EVERYWHERE at our wedding if I could, but we have the high cost and the hot weather against us – so, we are opting for a selection of flowers at the ceremony (and of course the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets) and more of a beach theme at our reception ( see my blog post on decor – coming soon!).

We have a wonderful florist, Jayne Pugh – Flowers By Design, who has been so helpful and enthusiastic throughout our planning so far, and I would definitely recommend her (she works from the UK as well as Cyprus).

Due to the extreme heat in Cyprus in July, we have tried to choose flowers that can withstand the heat – for awhile, until they are placed in their respective vases at the reception – and we have tried not to go overboard with our amount of flowers – even though I would love to!

Jayne helped me come up with a bridal bouquet for myself, which is beautiful and consists of  Avalanche roses, hydrangeas and other white flowers. I had my heart set on white peonies, but Jayne was quick to suggest an alternative that has the same affect as peonies – due to peonies being out of season in July. We have also chosen simple white hydrangea bouquets for all of the bridesmaids that, although don’t withstand the heat too well, are beautiful and fill out into a lovely bouquet. We also plan to have two pedestals of flowers (incorporating the white hydrangea theme) at the altar, and rustic buckets on either side of the aisle with another selection of white flowers, that we have yet to decide on.

Below is my beautiful bridal bouquet, followed by some ideas we hope to use in the other bouquets, pedestals and buckets, and some other bouquets I love:

Jayne Pugh Bridal Bouquet


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