The Groomsmen & The Wedding Bands

In comparison to the endless web-surfing and decision-making I had to do for the bridesmaids’ outfits, the groomsmen outfits were a breeze (I suppose men just aren’t as fussy, or perfectionists, like us girls). My fiancé pretty much decided the outfits for himself and his groomsmen, and luckily chose what I would have probably chosen myself – khaki chinos, long sleeved white suit shirt, belt, sailing/boat/deck shoes, and for himself, an aqua tie to match the bridesmaids. We wanted to keep our wedding simple and quite informal (no suits, tails or top hats!) and casual, especially because of where we had chosen for our wedding to be (stay tuned for my next post on the location), it didn’t feel right to ask people to dress up in black tie attire.

We have yet to purchase the outfits for the groomsmen, but currently, Debenhams seems to be our best bet with very reasonable prices on chinos, shirts and shoes (see below).

The Wedding Bands

Having to choose more essential bling to wear is always fun, but surprisingly difficult I found (maybe less so for men). There is such a great variety of wedding bands: gold, white gold, silver, platinum, palladium, all sorts of carats and so on – it is harder than you would expect to choose a wedding band that will match and look perfect with your engagement ring! I had a look at several different types of wedding bands, as I wanted something really unique and “me” – enamel inlays (one I absolutely loved, but was WAY over budget and probably wouldn’t suit my engagement ring anyway), rustic textured white gold, gemstones etc. However, I decided that i was probably best to get something quite simple, but not too plain and ordinary.

The Wellendorff enamel inlay I fell in love with…

I am a fan of H Samuel, Goldsmiths and Ernest Jones jewellery, but looking at it on the internet and trying on a wedding band in the shop is very different. I haven’t yet had the chance to try on any wedding bands with my engagement ring to see what will look just right ( beginning to realise it would be SO much easier to choose something plain – but I really would like something interesting), but I do have a couple of favourites that I’m hoping will be just as perfect in person as they look on the website! My fiancé is a little easier, seeing as he doesn’t have an engagement ring to match up to! Gold plain wedding band – simple as that – as well as the wedding band engravements we plan to do for each other for our special day.


Check out these lovely rustic wedding bands on Etsy:


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