The Proposal & The Engagement

I don’t think anything can prepare you for that moment, when the person you love most in the World says those four life-changing words – Will you marry me?

Even if you’ve discussed marriage with your partner a million times – or had your great grandmother’s diamond ring sized and altered for this particular moment (guilty!) – the surprise, shock and immense happiness in those seconds is overwhelming; something that will never be forgotten (and it takes several days for it to sink in!).

Even more overwhelming (and unbelievably time consuming), and often forgotten in your moments of huge excitement, is the endless list of family and friends that you can’t wait to tell about your engagement! This is easier said than done, especially when your family and friends are spread to the ends of the earth and you struggle to get in touch with them and end up spending much of the day listening to an engaged dial tone (when all you really want to do is run around and flash your new bling to the world in any and all public places – even though no one actually notices).

By the end of the day the immense phone bill was worth it and my fiance (the exciting new word you will come to love and use at any opportunity you get) and I were stunned by the amount of love, blessings, happiness and encouragement we received from all of our family and friends (and the endless facebook notifications and wall posts that would soon consume the rest of our week).



Check out some of these stunning, rustic engagement rings on Etsy :

Peaces of Indigo


Orit Naar

….and my personal favourites


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